Circle of Friends
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Circle of Friends Memorial

The New Zealand Circle of Friends was established in response to the need for a memorial garden as a focal point to commemorate those whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS. The concept was based on the Circle of Friends AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco which has now attained the status of a national monument in the United States.
The Kanuka Grove in Western Springs Lakeside Park is the site for the New Zealand Circle of Friends Memorial Garden. It has become a place of contemplation, hope and renewal to commemorate the many New Zealanders who have experienced the effects of HIV/AIDS. Partners, family and friends now have the opportunity to have their own and or their loved one's name engraved in the stone circle, to be maintained in perpetuity.

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We wish to thank all those involved in the project, the many who have helped make The Circle of Friends a reality and invite you to join us in the support, participation and the ongoing care and maintenance of this special place of remembrance and renewal.
Memorial Inscriptions
Circle 1
Alistair Hall
Absent Friends
Nigel Barraud
Darren Horn
Bruce Burnett
Tom O'Donoghue
Michael Hay
Shirley Torrens
Circle 2
Maggie Barry
Chris Bentley
Johny Givins
David Finlayson
John Andrews
Elaine Andrews
Penn Andrews
Todd Andrews
Kaye Wilson
Circle 3
Geoffrey W R Harrison
Lorreen Ann Devey
Michael V Jelicich
Danny Smylie
The Gregory Family
Gary Beavon
Jonathan Smith
Kevin Baker
Lynni Meads
Circle 4
Joseph Joe Quirk
Ray Taylor
Julia Vickerman
Martin Hunt
Grant Cotter
Vince Vallake
Howard Lippman
Paul Gerbasi
Brian Howard Adams
Brian Lennane
Circle 5
Courtney Cartier
James O'Warn
Troy Ricky Gleeson
Graeme Philip Baird
Paul Killen
Andrew Meyers
David J H Curry
Charlie Bowman
Fraser Moreton
Glen Wilkin-Holland
Circle 6
David Bruce Tidswell
Christopher Joynes
Bernard John Carney
Matthew Blair Whyte
Norman Stanley Cross
Graeme Arthur Kinred
Claudio R Mansilla
Henare Raumoa Te Ua
Circle 7
Peter Darcy Hitchfield
Sister Paula Brettkelly
Rodney Leitch-Heggie
Peter Hutchen
Bruce Kilmister
Mike Byrne
Godfrey Harriman
Mark William Bridgeman
David William Coltman
Circle 8
Morrie (Alan) Morrison
Phillip Cosbie
Felicity Wood
Reagen Holdridge
Rod Leitch-Higgie
Sam Roberts
Matt Wildbore
Stephen Stead
Richard Thompson
Norman Garner
Michael Rewha
Circle 9
Philip Crosbie
Philip Gipson
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