Helpful Publications from Body Positive for people living with HIV/AIDS

Helpful Publications

A range of free publications produced by Body Positive which you may find helpful. Each booklet is available free of charge, either via PDF download, or if you prefer a printed copy please contact us.
These booklets provide basic facts and information on a range of different topics relating to living well with HIV.

Gay Sex & Risk

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The basics of HIV prevention for gay men - explaining how to avoid getting HIV and how to avoid passing it on to others.

This booklet provides information about looking after yourself and having fun at the same time.

HIV & Hep C Co-infection

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HIV and hepatitis C co-infection means that a person has both HIV & hepatitis C. This booklet provides information specific to HIV and hepatitis C co-infection.

HIV Tests & Treatments

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New 2019 Edition
This booklet describes the currently available antiviral drugs for the treatment and management of HIV infection. It also describes some common tests used to monitor the health of people with HIV, and how these tests can be used to help you look after your health, or make decisions about starting, stopping or changing antiviral treatments.

HIV: A New Diagnosis

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New 2015 Edition
If you have only recently learned that you are HIV positive, you may be feeling shocked, frightened, angry or upset.

This booklet details how the virus affects your body, ofers advice on how to manage your life as an HIV positive person and provides suggestions on how to make decisions around treatments, sex, telling people and your legal rights.

Growing Older with HIV

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The impact of HIV on our bodies and on the immune system as we get older is greatly affected by ageing. HIV affects each of us differently. Some people progress to symptoms very quickly, while others live for 20-plus years without any signs of immune suppression or symptoms. Each of us ages differently as well. How well we age and how the ageing of our bodies‘ impacts upon our health is unique to each of us. Therefore, HIV infection - coupled with natural ageing - creates added challenges for maintaining good health.

Managing Side Effects

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This booklet is for people with HIV who experience side effects from HIV treatments or other physical symptoms that may be due to HIV infection. It is intended as a guide to help you identify the kinds of side effects that some people with HIV experience, and to provide suggestions on how to prevent, manage, reduce or eliminate some common side effects through the use of medicines, complementary and supportive therapies or practical measures.
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