Current and Upcoming Events

Current and Upcoming Events

Body Positive facilitates a range of educational events throughout the year, both for people living with HIV and also anyone else that would like to engage and up-skill in the sector.
In addition to our regular services, we also often run social events throughout the year for people living with HIV in New Zealand, to provide a safe space to meet others and share experiences.
21 July


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Movie Screening Fundraiser
(Beats Per Minute)
8.30pm, Friday 21st July
ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland

Body Positive Inc. has a special allotment of tickets available for the 8.30pm screening of the movie BPM on Friday 21st July at the new ASB Waterfront Theatre
(all proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards helping people living with HIV in NZ)

A wary newcomer to the radical activist life risks his heart with one of its firecracker stars in this stirring and moving exploration of the ACT UP movement that protested government inaction on AIDS in the 90s.

Tickets: $18 per person
Tickets are available from Body Positive House in Auckland. 1/3 Poynton Terrace, Newton, Auckland.

More details:
25 Aug


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HIV Treatments Update Seminar 2017

A One Day Seminar on HIV in New Zealand
Friday 25th August 2017
The Clinical Education Centre at Auckland Hospital
26 October


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6pm, Thursday 26th October
Running for Six Weeks

HIV+? Male? Want to talk about sex?
A six week sex and self-confidence workshop for gay and bisexual HIV+ men.
Are you getting what you want from sex? What does great sex mean to you?

Recurring Events

Every Monday - Auckland


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Yoga Classes
@ Body Positive

Weekly Yoga class take place at Body Positive House, Auckland

Everybody is Welcome

Mondays 5.30-7pm
($5 Koha per person for the instructor)

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