Body Positive Inc.

Body Positive Inc.

Body Positive Inc. is a group founded by and run for people with HIV/AIDS. We welcome all people living with HIV and AIDS in New Zealand.
Body Positive Inc. breaks down isolation and builds a sense of community while advocating on behalf of HIV+ people on a national level.
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Level 4 Eliminate

It is likely that disease is not contained. The Risk Assessment indicates there is sustained and intensive transmission with widespread outbreaks. The country is going into lockdown for at least 4 weeks. With people staying at home and severely limited travel.

There are number of assistance measures that have been put in place. Visit for accurate up to date information.
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Support for People Living with HIV during the Lockdown
We have closed the Body Positive Office in Auckland and cancelled in person support as well as all public social events - all staff are now working from home. Support for people living with HIV is still being provided through phone and email during this time - Contact Us.

Social Media: We have a private Facebook group that allows people to connect with other people living with HIV around NZ. As this is a private group, no details of the group or anything you post or discuss within the group will be visible in any way to other Facebook friends you have outside the group - only those in the group will know who you are. It is a great way to beat the isolation and stay in contact with others as well as possible make some new friends. Access to the group is via invite only to maintain confidentiality - Email Body Positive with your Facebook profile name or message us via our Facebook Page to receive an invite to the group.

Weekly Video Chat Group: So that people can still socialise 'face-to-face' during the lockdown, we are also starting a private video support group through Zoom. Zoom is a free group video calling service that is secure and private - there is nothing to download and install, you just access the weekly chats with a link sent by Body Positive. The video chat group will run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10:30-11:30am, and members can join or exit the chat any time during this hour. Access again is via invite only to maintain confidentiality - please email Body Positive to obtain the access link and connection details.

One-to-One Support: Body Positive will still be providing one-to-one support for people living with HIV through phone (0800 HIV LINE), email and Facebook. Please continue to get in touch if you need anything during the lockdown and we will try our best to help where we can.

Stay safe and minimise any exposure - If you develop symptoms call the Healthline (0800 358 5453) straight away for guidance. These are tough times and its important to focus on your mental health and reach out for support if you need it. We are stronger together and for the moment this will need to be virtual.
Be supportive, Be careful, Be alert, Be kind
Body Positive is not classed as an essential service and all staff are now working from home. Body Positive House in Auckland is now closed - we can provide support through phone, email and Facebook. All social and in person support is cancelled.

Ensure that you keep up with your HIV medications to stay healthy.
Visit for up to date information on the virus

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A One Day Seminar on HIV in New Zealand
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HIV Treatments Update
Seminar 2019
Friday 30th August 2019
The Clinical Education Centre at Auckland Hospital
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