Current and Upcoming Events

Current and Upcoming Events

Body Positive facilitates a range of educational events throughout the year, both for people living with HIV and also anyone else that would like to engage and up-skill in the sector.
In addition to our regular services, we also often run social events throughout the year for people living with HIV in New Zealand, to provide a safe space to meet others and share experiences.
14 Jun


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during June'18 and get a $100 Warehouse Voucher

Weekly Support meetings start Thursday 14th June
@ Body Positive House, Auckland

You must attend the weekly meetings and successfully quit by 28th June to receive your $100 voucher

Free Vaping Equipment, patches, gum etc. will be available to help you to quit

From 28th June 18, Body Positive House (including all outside areas) will be smoke free!

For more details, or to sign up to the Quit programme, talk to at Body Positive

24 August


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HIV Treatments Update Seminar 2018

A One Day Seminar on HIV in New Zealand
Friday 24th August 2018
The Clinical Education Centre at Auckland Hospital
19-21 October


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Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI™)
The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI™) offers people living with HIV the opportunity to develop skills for leadership and resilience.

Applications and nominations for participants are currently being sought for the next leadership training workshop to be held 19-21 Oct 2018 to be held in Auckland, New Zealand.
Application to attend the weekend will be available shorty.

Recurring Events

Every Thursday


THURSDAYS at Body Positive Auckland
Every Thursday, Every Month, Everybody Welcome, Just Come Along!
1st Thursday
of Each Month
Phoenix Movie Night
6-8pm, Body Positive House
A different movie screening every month, with a selection of yummy pizza’s!
2nd Thursday
of Each Month
Meet, Greet & Info Night
4-6pm, Body Positive House
Expand your knowledge on a range of topics related to HIV, great for the newly diagnosed.
3rd Thursday
of Each Month
5.30-7pm, Eagle Bar
A relaxed & social get-together as well as a chance to make new friends.
4th Thursday
of Each Month
Tea Bagging
4-6pm, Body Positive House
Come and help pack condoms at Body Positive, with fun, chit-chat, tea and biscuits!
Every Monday - Auckland


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Yoga Classes
@ Body Positive

Weekly Yoga class take place at Body Positive House, Auckland

Everybody is Welcome

Mondays 5.30-7pm
($5 Koha per person for the instructor)

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